Management consulting

Do you have an idea and want to implement it (start up), you have a business and you want to develop and expand?
Do you need advice, consulting, assistance in finding suppliers or buyers, as well as new sources of funding?

IJI IT GROUP offers management consulting services to achieve your goals.

Development of the business plan to start / extend their business operations in the US and Ukraine.
The business plan will be provided in from of presentation and will reflect our best recommendations development of the US business operations.
The service will be conducted by experienced management consultants with 10+ years experience in business development and management consulting.

The report will cover the following areas:
1. Registration and establishment of the US presents and Ukraine
2. Headcount /  employee / work permits / travel visas
3. Sales and marketing strategy
4. Supply chain including sourcing, logistics and inventory management
5. Patents / new technologies development and commercialization
6. Outsourcing and related questions
7. Legal requirements and US taxes
8. Work with US financial markets including business loans, private placement, equity raise and others...
9. Back office in the US and Ukraine including accounting, office and other services
10. Work with investors including venture capital funds, angel investors, business incubators and institutional investors
11. Other related areas based on clients's requirements.

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