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CRM 3.0 development


IJI IT GROUP Company has started development of CRM 3.0 software on a new platform.The CRM 3.0 principle is a constructor, which opens new opportunities for users.This is the ability to customize the interface, create the necessary form fields, form them, connect new sections and much more ......

Proposal of CiRM software for territorial communities


IJI IT GROUP предлагает разработку ПО CiRM для территориальных общин, которые были созданы согласно Закону України "Про добровільне об`єднання територіальних громад" від 05.02.2015 № 157-VIII. Более подробно......

Testing the Plannerlist


IJI IT GROUP has started testing online applications for accounting for personal and general tasks. The features of the application are multifunctional. For example, creating personalized forms for different categories; The formation of records of personal and general tasks, their grouping along the lines; The ability to trace the stages of the task; Set up necessary reminders, leave notes; Send the selected list by email; Per-minute planning the daily routine; Associate contac...

Scheduler "Delovod"


IJI IT GROUP has started to develop an online application for accounting for personal and general tasks called "Delovod." Possibilities of the future application: creation of personal forms for various categories; The formation of records of personal and work tasks, their grouping along the lines; The ability to share a record of the task with the participants; To trace the stages of the task; Set up necessary reminders, leave notes; Send the list by email; Associate a group ...

Integration into the CRM-system of the module of distribution of e-messages


IJI IT GROUP integrated in the CRM-system a Mass message sending module. Now, customers of CRM-systems that have their own generated customer databases, it is enough to download the database into the CRM-system from IJI IT GROUP, to form the general text of the e-mail and send the mailing. In this case, each recipient will receive a personal letter with his name, company name, etc. It is also possible to set a distribution schedule, specify the necessary attributes of the...

The "Production" desktop is a multifunctional tool


IJI IT GROUP has started developing a module of the CRM-system, a multifunctional tool - the "Production" desktop.The desktop allows you to monitor the execution of orders (deals) that are in production, consisting of groups of different products, for each group or item of the order.To plan the passage of the order for production areas with the fixation of technological operations at each area.The ability to display the fulfillment of orders and the product range in them in the conte...

EVA LAB site upgrade


The works on renewal and modernization of the site of the company Eva Bykova Collection, EVA LAB, were carried out....

2 in 1 - the module of distribution of work between the personnel


IJI IT GROUP, at the request of the customer, has started the development of a module that allows to distribute tasks among the employees of the department (small enterprise), plan the stages and terms of implementation, record the fact of implementation for each employee, and assess the overall situation of the plan on the schedule in the context of the month....

Start of the implementation of CRM-system 2.0


IJI IT GROUP started to implement CRM-system 2.0 of its own design on the customer ...

Financial Services analysis


IJI IT GROUP held financial analysis activities of the customer enterprise and provided results with recommendations.Customer had gotten the information on each order for 2 years; allocation of expenditure in this article costs; specific proportion in cost per unit.Was compoused calculation of order and offered some method of price formation for a products.Was offered recommendations on methods of orders accounting in account keeping customer enterprise.Complex of works let abili...

Audit of HR administration and personnel


IJI IT GROUP has conducted an audit HR administration at the customer company.There were identified "weak" points, provided recommendations to improve the effectiveness of HR administration and work with the staff as a whole.New staff schedule have been developed.The complex of works on the description of the requirements for the enterprise customer's vacancies and placing them on the information resources, recruitment and selection of staff - have been done.As a result of the wo...

TS for CRM-system for manufacturing companies


IJI IT GROUP received the application for the development of technical specifications CRM-system for manufacturing companies with individual characteristics, adapted to business processes of the production....

Increase the value of the domain name system .UA


С 01.05.2016 г. администратор доменной зоны .UA, компания «Хостмастер», а так же ряд украинских региональных администраторов, приняли решение о повышении стоимости доменных имен. Стоимость будет увеличена на регистрацию, продление, перенос и восстановление доменных имен на 15-25%. По словам администраторов зон, причиной такого шага послужил рост курса мировых валют и «высокая доля валютной составляющей в затратах, связанных с обеспечением работоспособности и отказоустойчивости доме...

Foundation for Assisting the Disabled of Ukraine


Company IJI IT GROUP had provided services for a website development for the Foundation for Assisting the Disabled of Ukraine. The site is available at: ....

Website Oil and Gas Company Gasinvestproject


The work is finished on the new site for the Oil and Gas Company Gasinvestproject.The site is available at: ....

Website for master of permanent makeup


The work is finished on the new site for the master of permanent makeup from the United States, Chicago.The site is available at: ....

Representative office IJI IT GROUP in Chicago, USA


IJI IT GROUP has opened office in Chicago, USA.Mission Objectives:Promoting goods and services of Ukrainian companies to the US market.Software development.Attracting new customers, partners and investors to Ukraine.Strengthening the international business cooperation between Ukrainian and North American companies, organizations, institutions and governments.Contacts....

Software development for campaign headquarters the election campaign


The efficiency of the staff and the victory of the candidate (party) in elections depends on a set of tools that use headquarters in the planning and management of the election campaign.IJI IT Group offers: Software development for Electorate Relationship Management....

Mass Mailings, Surveys and Invitations Module


IJI IT GROUP has developed software - the Module for Mass Mailings and Surveys.If you have a database of email addresses of your customers that you send all kinds of messages or want to conduct online polls and then receiving statistics, as well as various reports, the Module of Mass Mailings and Surveys waiting for you....

The calculation of the minimum subsistence level


IJI IT GROUP has developed an application "Calculation of the minimum subsistence level" for people in Ukraine (for Android 4.0 and above).Link to download Apps on Google Play: ....

Payment acceptance system


IJI IT GROUP Company entered into an agreement with DP «Financial institution «VM-Factor »» on connecting to the program to receive payments, information processing and remittance clients. Now customers IJI IT GROUP have the opportunity to pay for the software and services IJI IT GROUP and its partners a wide range of user-friendly online ways, ranging from the world's leading plastic cards of international payment systems Visa / MasterCard, as well asMoneXy, EasyPay, WebMoney, «Mobi...

Demand and supply or marketing outsourcing


Since February 2015 the company IJI IT GROUP organizes the work of the trade department for its partners and customers to promote the information available to them for the sale of goods / works / services as well as to provide them with the information they need about the suppliers of raw materials, components, equipment....

CRM by IJI IT GROUP in English


IJI IT GROUP has prepared an English version of CRM-system for customers.(CRM (CLD), CRM-system, cut from the English - Customer Relationship Management)....

Cooperation with AllBiz


Allbiz ( – an International Centre of E-commerce,which allows to companies to create their own representations there and post information about products and services provided.And in this way  visitors from around the world are able to find and acquire.220 mln vizitors per year.1300 thnd. companies from 90 countries. 20 mln. goods and services in the database. ...

Payment acceptance system LiqPay


IJI IT GROUP signed a contract with Privatbank service using the system receiving payments LiqPay....

Rating ESRB


Online game AAATeam ( was rated ESRB....

First Person Shooter AAATeam


IJI IT GROUP became the exclusive representative INFOMEDIJI DOO to provide access to the online game AAATeam,

CRM- system by IJI IT GROUP


IJI IT GROUP has developed and implemented at the customer's own CRM-system 1.0. More......

MiR IMC "Cooperation"


Developed socio-economic project MiR IMC "Cooperation" - is the international and regional information and marketing centers of social partnership and cooperation between ent...

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