Time Banking

What is Time Banking?
Regional Exchange System Time Banking (RES TB) is an informational and accounting system of cooperation and mutual exchange which allows you to place information about your offers and needs as well as receive goods and services you need without using money.
You do not need money to participate in Time Banking.

The philosophy of RES TB:
1.    Lets make the world a better place to live.
2.    Today you share with others because you have such opportunity and desire to do this later others will share with you.
3.    We need each other in social life; every person is significant in civil society.
4.    We have what we need if we use what we have.
5.    We are not looking for better situations somewhere, but we make better those situations where we are.

For whom does the Regional Exchange System Time Banking work?
For everyone without exception! Exchange your goods for goods of other participants. Exchange with each other! Equal exchange in the society is a formula of justice.

Benefits for you:
1.    You can receive necessary for you goods and services as an advance.
2.    Interest-free from of finance for business owners.
3.    For participation you do not need any monetary funds, payments, contributions, deposits, etc.
4.    You will be able to realize your potential and express yourself; you will receive necessary help, attention, care, support in case you need.
5.    Access to captive markets.
6.    You receive an opportunity to save your business and personnel, obtain new contacts, increase the volume of exchange transactions, not to depend on cash.
7.    Its a possibility for local community to compensate the deficit of monetary funds in budget, implement underfinanced projects, establish order in its territory, and make the world around better.
8.    You will find new friends and will feel your own significance for the society.

International experience
The systems of mutual help, similar to RES TB, have been successfully working for many years in all developed countries of the world.

From scientific point of view
Regional Exchange System Time Banking (RES TB) is an innovative addition to the national economy which is ideally adjusted to needs of society on the local level in accordance with the applicable law.
RES TB is a synthesis of stable systems complementing monetary systems (Robust Complementary Community Currency System (ROCS)). RES TB is based on the ideas of free money (freigeld) of Silvio Gesell. RES TB implements the principle of community currency which provides sustainable goods exchange, the process of exchange is getting faster and cheaper, and the demand becomes steady.

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