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IJI IT Group

IJI IT GROUP is a business partner for its customers in the optimization and automation of their business processes.
We regularly monitor innovations in information technology.
We analyze the changes in the current legislation.
Taking into account the changes, we develop and implement effective tools for planning, managing and controlling business processes between the staff and counterparties of our clients.

IJI IT GROUP will help maximize the profitability of your business by implementing IT technologies.
IT-technologies will facilitate your work, make interaction between employees and customers convenient and comfortable!

IJI IT GROUP is a team of professionals with experience of more than 40 years in various industries and economic activities. We managed to preserve, unite and increase the knowledge gained. Which we share with our customers.

Carrying out orders of customers, we provide comprehensive consulting in several directions:

  • Information Technology;
  • Optimization, restructuring, reengineering.
  • Economics and finance;
  • Control and accounting;
  • Personnel-cadres: audit, analysis, recommendations, selection;
  • Office work;
  • Legislation and jurisprudence: analysis of contracts and their adaptation;
  • Interaction with authorities;
  • Security;
  • and much more, incl. healthy lifestyle and health status adjustment.

We offer you a wide range of services in the field of information technology and integrated consulting.

More details about the achievements and experience of IJI IT GROUP experts are here.

It should be noted that the rapidly growing level of use of information technologies, as integral components of modern human life and enterprise activity, allows:

  • manage huge information flows,
  • facilitates their organization, systematization and control,
  • facilitates and improves the level of your life,
  • and also opens up new opportunities for each of us.

For enterprises, the use of information and innovative technologies becomes the main weapon in the competition for markets, resources and profits.

IJI IT GROUP experts successfully work in the market of Ukraine, CIS countries, Western Europe, Asia and North America. We have implemented and implemented a large number of projects and gained practical experience. All this allows us to fulfill the tasks set by our clients in a short time. With some of our design works you can find in our portfolio.

The company IJI IT GROUP was founded in 2011, as a business site for young and motivated professionals. Who possess modern knowledge in programming, information technology and information security. Together with experienced experts of the Center for Economic and Scientific and Technical Development. Which render services of complex consulting to large enterprises and regional authorities of territories.

This unification of the productive forces allowed the creation of a team of specialists capable of quickly offering effective solutions to complex production tasks for our customers.
Rich production experience in the organization and management of various production units and territorial institutions allows us to easily communicate with customers from different activities. To speak in one production language. To act as coordinators when communicating with representatives of various specialties and professions.
The solutions we offer are primarily taken by their customers and customers.
We do not do our own self-expression. We solve problems together with our customers, according to the individual specifics of each client and its users.

We do not stop there. In the arsenal of the company there are always innovative and promising commercial projects of various orientations.

More details about some of them you can find here.

In connection with the expansion of demand for innovative and information technologies, IJI IT GROUP is open to cooperation with specialists in its business. If you have certain skills and professional experience on the basis of which you would like to realize your project, we are ready to join forces and help you achieve your goal.

We invite you to cooperation and cooperation!

Mission of IJI IT GROUP


  • ITS - Директор

    Компанія IJI IT GROUP не тільки розробила CRM-систему, а і провела тренінги для персоналу, підготувала Інструкції, надала інформаційну підтримку.

  • Газинвестпроект - Директор

    Ми получили полный комплекс услуг, связанный с созданием веб-сайта "с нуля".

  • Альянс Энерго Трейд - Директор

    Рекомендуємо компанію IJI IT GROUP як виконавця робіт, пов’язаних з розробкою і модернізацією сайтів.



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