Module of Mass Emailing, Surveys and Invitations

We offer a software - the module for mass mailings, surveys and sending of invitations to events held by you.

In the competition for customers and markets every company should maintain regular contacts with existing customers, as well as the imperative to search for new ones.
At the same time the need to constantly improve, to offer something new, to change and adapt to customer needs.
In order to inform its potential customers about new products or services, as well as to receive feedback, companies are forced to use the services of a mass mailing and conduct customer surveys.

IJI IT GROUP has developed and offer for our customers modul for mass mailings and surveys held by them.

Advantages of the modul:
  1. Low cost of acquisition of the module compared to the cost of external services and outsourcing firms.
  2. One-time payment for the modul, which you use yourself an unlimited number of times.
  3. No need to formally confirm the relevance of the recipient's own database.
  4. Possibility of mass mailings and all kinds of surveys, as well as individual mailing invitations to events held by you.
  5. Ample opportunities for various reports and surveys about delivery.
  6. The results of all mailings, surveys, invitations, reports are stored in the database module and connected with each contact in the system.
Technical features of the modul:
  1. Formation of the contact card on arbitrary multiple grounds (email, name, company, position, various contact details, description of activities, ID, Tax #, etc.)
  2. Search and filter on multiple grounds database of the modul
  3. Exporter-Import contacts database and related information
  4. Automatically filter duplicate contacts
  5. Formation distribution groups on various grounds
  6. Organization of mailing letters; Invitations to online surveys; invitations to events
  7. Personalization sent information on the set of attributes (contact name, name of the company, position, etc.)
  8. Function to subscribe or unsubscribe
  9. Automatic exclusion of contact resending the same letters / surveys / invitations
  10. Setting the schedule distribution
  11. Statistics mailing
  12. Obtaining automatic reports mail delivery; servey; invitation
  13. Ability to automatically clone distribution
  14. Formation of statistical, analytical and arbitrary reports with reference to contacts
  15. The function of the user administration module layering of access to information
  16. Set up to the hosting of the customer.
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The structure of the modul mass mailings of IJI IT GROUP

Figure 1. Sections and Home page.

Figure 2. Contacts, search and filter options.

Figure 3. Mailing section, general view.

Figure 4. Page create the message text.

Figure 5. A page with the results of respondents' answers to the online survey.

Figure 6. Report page with the answers of the respondents to the survey.

Figure 7. Page analytical report on calculated matching of respondents' answers to questions.

Figure 8. Page form processing conditions of respondents' answers to the survey.

Figure 9. Page processed coincidence, formed according to the conditions.

Figure 10. The contact card in the database, attached to the contact lists and results.

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