Site Audit

Site audit  - a comprehensive work, aims to find the factors that prevent the Web site to rank high in search engine results. If you already have a website and are not satisfied with his position, then, first of all, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive audit of the site. Only a comprehensive site audit, evaluation of online activity of competitors and nature of the business in which you are interested, give a complete picture of the real state of affairs, the budget required, and strategies to promote the necessary changes of your site.
Comprehensive audit includes the following steps:
  • Technical testing site.
    • platform analysis, 
    • analysis of web hosting, 
    • the identification of errors in the executable code
    • the interaction with databases.
  • SEO-site audit (analysis of visibility in search engines).
    • semantic analysis of the content of the site for relevant studies
    • selection of keywords and tags cloud formation;
    • check the availability and adequacy of internal links, 
    • semantic analysis of the overall structure of the site,
    • checking compliance with a site map. 
  • Audit usability (ease of use).
    • analysis of website design, 
    • ergonomics testing, 
    • analysis and convenience menu navigation to sections of the site;
    • check for visible controls that encourage the visitor to the actions corresponding to the main destination site. 
  • Marketing audit site.
In 2010, each company engaged in the promotion of sites, considered this service mandatory in the initial phase of the work with the client.


  • ITS - Директор

    Компанія IJI IT GROUP не тільки розробила CRM-систему, а і провела тренінги для персоналу, підготувала Інструкції, надала інформаційну підтримку.

  • Газинвестпроект - Директор

    Ми получили полный комплекс услуг, связанный с созданием веб-сайта "с нуля".

  • Альянс Энерго Трейд - Директор

    Рекомендуємо компанію IJI IT GROUP як виконавця робіт, пов’язаних з розробкою і модернізацією сайтів.



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