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While our Mission Statement sets forth what we do, this statement of Vision and Values identifies our underlying beliefs, behavioural attributes and highest aspirations. It is through following these beliefs that we will avoid falling into any pot-holes found by our predecessors in this unique industry.


As a business grows and changes, there are some things which should always remain the same its purpose and values.
IJI IT GROUP Statement of Vision and Values has been created in consultation with our members, shareholders and communities and provides a framework for how we do business. It is designed to guide our business decisions and strategies ensuring that we stay true to our values 

We are committed to the following fundamental beliefs:
Our Values
Integrity: We act with courage, consistency and respect to do what is honest, fair and trustworthy.
Innovation: We anticipate and respond to challenges and changing needs with creativity, enthusiasm and determination.
Responsibility: We are accountable to our shareholders, members, employees, colleagues and communities for the results of our decisions and actions.
Quality: We always try and do everything as much as possible and in time. No matter how much paid for it - it is important how you do it.

Health & Safety

A safe working environment and a healthy workforce inspires innovation. Personnel become more energetic and productive, and healthy employees decrease health-related costs.

We are committed to conducting our business in ways that provide all personnel with a safe and healthy work environment as we believe that this is integral to our long-term success as a company.

Our primary objective is to create a culture where people trust that it is possible to work free of illness or injury regardless of where they work or what role they perform.

In our drive toward zero work-related injuries and illnesses  IJI IT GROUP has established an internal audit process to help us ensure that we are effectively implementing operational controls and management routines which will improve our employees health and living standards.


IJI IT GROUP works to make a positive difference for the environment in every aspect of its business.

IJI IT GROUP is committed to a path of environmental sustainability in order to protect our natural environment and our economy for future generations.

Drawing on our resources and experience, we actively developed a business which would benefit all aspects of the communities we serve as well as the environment. 

We divide our environmental activities into the following three areas:
Our Product By its very nature IJI IT GROUP is a waste reducing and highly efficient means of conducting business in an environmentally responsible manner.
Our Practices Through the use of good business practices and smart electronic tools we aim to keep our environmental footprint to an absolute minimum.
Education We aim to raise awareness of environmental issues and more sustainable choices for business.

Services IJI IT GROUP is "green" (environmentally friendly) product and our environmental achievements include reducing waste, protecting the local assets, the construction of social networks, and the achievement of local prosperity.

Energy Use

IJI IT GROUP is committed to:
Reducing energy use per staff member.
Perusing opportunities to reduce energy use in our information technology systems and operations.
Using renewable green energy, wherever it is available.

Paper Use

As a developer of information products IJI IT GROUP has acted to reduce and, in some circumstances, eliminate the use of paper both internally and in client materials.

IJI IT GROUP is committed to:
Reducing the amount of paper we use by expanding our electronic services and paperless banking operations for clients and employees whilst maintaining the highest level of commitment to information security and privacy protection. 
Continuing to encourage regulators to support the electronic delivery of documents to clients.
Reducing or eliminating duplicate distributions or our documentation. 
Ensuring that the paper we purchase contains recyclable fibre and/or ensuring that, where available, the paper we use is certified to have been harvested from sustainably managed forests.

Water Use

IJI IT GROUP is committed to:
Encouraging the use of reusable water containers and water coolers or tap water in our premises.
Encouraging our large suppliers to conserve water by adding criteria for water use to our procurement procedures.
Increasing the use of environmentally-friendly cleaning products in our facilities in order to reduce the quantity of hazardous substances in wastewater.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Most of our greenhouse gas emissions are indirect, such as through the production and distribution of documents and employee travel.

IJI IT GROUP is committed to:
Reducing the greenhouse gas emissions intensity.
Promoting the use of alternatives to travel, such as videoconferencing and teleconferencing, where possible and making flexible "work from home" arrangements available to employees where feasible.
Offsetting the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the production and distribution of our major external reports.

Purpose IJI IT GROUP - help your business to achieve its standards to reduce environmental impact and increase the profitability of your company.

We continually review and improve our efforts to lessen our impact on the environment, nurture a workplace of diversity and inclusion, conduct responsible business practices and uphold the highest ethical standard.

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