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In order to promote your products effectively on the market, we suggest you to create a turnkey website - a comprehensive service, which includes the development of graphic design, technical layout standards, implementation of software modules, posting site in the web, installing popular counters, adding elements of search engine optimization. Additionally discussed: domain registration, hosting fees, promotion, optimization for search queries, developing and conducting advertising company, continued support of the site, updated information. 

Site development services include: 
  • Development of professional website design. 
  • Nesting, optimizing your site for search engines.
  • Implementing content management system with a set of necessary functions.
  • Oral and written advices on issues related to the of support site.
We also provide a web hosting for our clients.

 Stages of work on website development: 
  • Development of specification.
  • Development and approval of site design.
  • Programming a framework of site. 
  • The material text and graphic information.
  • Training personnel to work with content management system.
  • Work on a web site support, if It's necessary.
Conditions of the site development:

The basic procedure of the creation of the site is defined technical requirements,  discussing conditions, stages, terms and payment arrangements.
  • Design - 1 or 2 layouts for budget options, or the author's design for all the customer's wishes.The result of work at this stage is laid out a static prototype first and inner pages, which clearly shows how the site will look in the Internet.
  • Terms of the site drafting are typically 1-2 weeks, depending on the complexity.
Approximate structure of the simple site: 
  • Main page with information about the company. Deals.
  • Contacts.
  • News.
  • Structured product catalog with photos and the ability to purchase goods online.
  • Secure and full-featured system administration site.
Means of implementation
  • User Interface - HTML, valid code
  • Pages Decorating Styles - CSS 2.0
  • Programming Language Scripts - PHP
  • Data Storage - MySQL database. Estimated cost and timing
The estimated price and timing

Price of business card site, with all of the above structural elements is - 300 EURO.
Corporate site - 600 EURO.
Internet-shop - 700 EURO.

Approximate production time for business card site - 1 month (depending on the time of design and coordination of specific materials to fill the site).

Some developed sites by IJI IT GROUP you can find in the portfolio.

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