Our specialists are successfully operating in Ukraine and abroad for 30 Years.

Activities During this time we have done and implemented a number of projects and accumulated extensive experience in the implementation of tasks.

The main activities of IJI IT GROUP in the market of IT-technologies:

Other services:

People are looking for products and services of your company, we help them to find you.

  • Marketing research of Ukrainian market for companies.
  • Assistance in establishing new companies in Ukraine.
  • Business Plan development.
  • Assistance in looking for personnel for companies in Ukraine.
  • Legal advices.
  • Assistance in negotiations with Local Authorities, States (Oblast) Authorities, National level Government.

We have created a lot of sites with a few pages, to complex online stores on our own engine similar to the 1C Bitrix platform. Some of our works you can see in the portfolio.

We also offer Custom software development such as Mass Mailing Module, Schedule online Module, Payment online Modules and so on for affordable price.

ACS - CRM - ERP-systems

Automated control and management systems from IJI IT GROUP

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)Automating user worksplaces (AWP) - simple solutions to complex problems IJI IT GROUP develops and implements information automated control and management systems (ACS, AMS) for enterprises on individual orders, taking into account the specifics of the work of each enterprise individually, taking into account the individual features of the business processes of t...

Accounting systems for multilevel marketing

Software for reward systems for multi-level marketing

 IJI IT GROUP разрабатывает и внедряет программное обеспечение по учёту и выплате вознаграждения участникам систем многоуровневого маркетинга. MLM-системы учёта от IJI IT GROUP синхронизируются для обмена данными (экспорт-импорт данных) с другими системами учёта, используемыми на предприятиях. Например, 1С-Бухгалтерия. Возможности MLM-системы учёта от IJI IT GROUP:Онлайн регист...

Mass Mailings, Surveys and Invitations

We offer a software - the module for mass mailings, surveys and sending of invitations to events held by you.In the competition for customers and markets every company should maintain regular contacts with existing customers, as well as the imperative to search for new ones.At the sa...


business, tasks, events from IJI IT GROUP

IJI IT GROUP разрабатывает и внедряет информационные автоматизированные системы управления информацией для индивидуального использования и предприятий под заказ. Предлагаем простое и лёгкое в использовании, готовое "под ключ" программное обеспечение Планировщик для учёта персональных и общих дел, задач, мероприятий и прочего. Многофункциональный План...


robust complementary community currency system

IJI IT GROUP является разработчиком концепции первого комплексного программного обеспечения системы учёта многостороннего обмена в Украине. Концепция разработанная в 2008 году. Была успешно реализована в сотрудничестве с партнёрами в виде социального проекта с 2009 года. Партнёрами были МТС-Украина, Гуманитарный центр и много других организаций. Проект проработал 6 лет и зарекомендовал себя как надёжная и устойчивая система. Система позвол...

CiRM - Citizen Relationship Management


Відповідно до ст. 8 Закону України "Про добровільне об`єднання територіальних громад" від 05.02.2015 № 157-VIIIЮридична особа - сільська, селищна, міська рада, розміщена в адміністративному центрі об’єднаної територіальної громади, є правонаступником прав та обов`язків всіх юридичних осіб - сільських, селищних, міських рад, обраних територіальними громадами, що об`єдналися, з дня набуття повноважень сільською, селищною, міською радою, обраною об’єдна...

Website Development

Order websiteIn order to promote your products effectively on the market, we suggest you to create a turnkey website - a comprehensive service, which includes the development of graphic design, technical layout...

Website Support and Promotion

IJI IT GROUP offers services to promote and support sites. It is not enough to create a good website for successful commerce on the Internet.You also need to ensure its visibility among the audience you want.Of course, advertising will help you. However, the greatest number of targeted visitors coming from the pa...

Price list


Price list of IT-products and services.Additionally, the price of the software, see Products section....

Online Games Promotion

Company IJI IT GROUP offers services develop online games for the order.Also we provide advice and offer services for obtaining a rating ESRB and PEGI for online games, barcode (barcode). Services to promote games, posting information on Steam, other online shopping sites.Consulting and software solutions for acceptance of online payments through various payment systems: Mastercard; Visa; LiqPay; Webm...

Cloud Storage

Ulimited volume of file storage. Monthly fee for storage - $0.06 per GB. Fee for transfer out - $0.01 per GB. Transfer in is free. API requests unlimited and free.  Who might be interested? Big data ...

Architectural Design

Employees IJI IT Group to realize any of your wishes in the field of architectural design.Design - a creative method, process and result of artistic and technical design of industrial products, their complexes and systems oriented to achieving the fullest possible conformity created objects and the environment in general needs a man like a utilitarian and aesthetic. The main objective is the design:     Ergonomics - the ...


marketing outsourcing

People are looking for products and services of your company, we help them to find you.Supply and Demand - marketing outsourcing.To reduce the cost of the producer-consumer chain, facilitate and automate the processes of supply and marke...

Management consulting

Do you have an idea and want to implement it (start up), you have a business and you want to develop and expand?Do you need advice, consulting, assistance in finding suppliers or buyers, as well as new sources of funding?IJI IT GROUP offers management consulting services to achieve your goals.Development of the business plan to start / extend their business operations in the US and Ukraine. The business plan...

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