CRM capabilities from IJI IT GROUP

Characteristics of customer relationship management by IJI IT GROUP

n/n Name Description
I The system includes:
data store fixing the entries in a register in the context of actions, databases, business processes, transaction documents, accounting of funds zagruzhemyh files, incoming-outgoing korreksondentsii, messaging
analytical subsystem automatic formation of reports in the context of users, employees, business processes, transactions, schedule, availability of primary accounting documents
II Basic principles:
the presence of a single repository of information All information on: activities, products, customers, contacts, employees, business processes, transactions, document management, payments, correspondence, messaging - all in one place
analysis of the collected information and preparation of data for decision-making segmentation of customers based on their importance to the company, the potential response to certain promotions, forecast demand of various products of the company, a set of all the results and stages of business processes for transactions
III Classification features:
sales management Yes
marketing management Yes
management of customer service Yes
IV The classification of the levels of information processing:
operating registration and on-line access to basic information on events, companies, contacts, employees, products, services, applications, projects, transactions, documents, finances, correspondence, reports, etc.
analytical reporting and analysis of information in the various sections (sales funnel, Gantt chart, analysis of the results of marketing activities, the analysis of sales performance by product, customer segments, employees and other possible options)
collaborative the level of organization of close cooperation with end-users, customers, up to the client to influence the internal processes of the company (the Web page to track customer order status)

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